What we do

Halbe offers services in the domain of Accounting, Compliance,
Legal, Tax and Finance to companies in India and abroad

  • Accounting &

    We believe the efficient and accurate accounting is one of the most crucial aspects of building a strong and scalable business.

    We assist in Book keeping, Review of accounting for accuracy & compliance, related Legal and Tax compliance, Tax registrations, MIS preparation and analysis.

  • Legal &
    Intellectual Property

    We assist in Secretarial Matters, negotiations and drafting agreements for Shareholders, Founders, Distributors, Franchisees, Channel Marketing, Brand licensing and more.

    We also assist in advising, filing applications and handling responses and representations for IP in the form of Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents in India.

  • Business

    There are different types of organisations that can be created in India and the choice of the type of organisation required depends on the needs and characteristics of the business.

    We advice on options of business entities available in India based on requirement and assist in incorporating the same and handle related matters such as registrations, licenses etc.

  • CFO

    We strongly believe in data led decision making and planning for the future rather than waiting for the future to unfold.

    We assist in Financial Planning / Budgeting, sell-side advisory for VC / PE funding, setting up systems and processes for scale, Management reporting and analysis.

We'd love to work with you.

We've been operational for more than 5 years and over this period, we've worked with startups and SMEs in the domains of Technology, Agriculture, SaaS, Retail, Entertainment and Hospitality. We have learnt that a problem in one industry is a solved problem in another industry and having a 360 degree view of businesses helps us provide better than the best to the client.


We believe that an entrepreneur needs to focus on what is core to the business and get professional help on other matters which are not core for them. This way, everyone is playing to their strengths and that converts hassles to revenue, which is a prudent way to look at business.

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