The Halbe Experience

We believe that an entrepreneur needs to focus on what is core to the business and get professional help on other matters which are not core for them. This way, everyone is playing to their strengths and that converts hassles to revenue, which is a prudent way to look at business.

We strongly feel that our skill-set in a wide range of services encompassing domains such as Accounting, Compliance, Legal, Tax and Finance are a great asset for an entrepreneur. We are continuously learning and becoming better at what we do and the experience we gain from clients across domains helps every single entrepreneur get better than the best.

Our team has a long term approach and is focused on delivering value to the customer and not merely providing services for a fee. We sincerely believe that adding value is the best way and that's what we are dedicated to doing.

At the end of the day, even if we can slightly increase the odds of your success, we've made it, for us and for you!

Meet the Team

  • Jaydeep Halbe CEO
  • Shruthi Chandramouli AVP
  • Rakesh Rao AVP
  • K. Shrivatsan Manager
  • P. Urvasi Asst. Manager
  • A. Viji Senior Associate
  • M. Senbagavalli Senior Associate
  • Md. Sheik Buhari Junior Associate

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