Empowering Enterprenuers

The Startup Wheel - 'Zero to One' explored

A Startup Workshop Series

Session 4

Nov 15, 2018

5:30PM to 8:30PM (followed by Networking/Supper Refreshments)

Enterprise Valuation & IPO

The session will explain the need for Enterprise Valuation and its significance in the current market. The different methods that can be used depending on the end purpose of valuation will be explored and the important metrics that companies need to focus on in each method. The Speakers will present case studies highlighting valuation engineering.

Session 5

Dec 13, 2018

5:30PM to 8:30PM (followed by Networking/Supper Refreshments)

Understanding the relevance of Product Market Fit and it's implications - For both services & products

The session will analyze the importance of understanding Product/Service - Market Fit. What are the implications of change in product and the various factors depending on Product Market Fit? The Speakers will further discuss in detail how to engineer a product - market fit.

Session 1

Aug 30, 2018

5:30PM to 8:30PM (followed by Networking/Supper Refreshments)

A deep dive into startup venture funding in India

This session provides you an in-depth understanding of the funding trends, Venture Capital funds analysis, both external / internal and debt / equity in the Indian startup ecosystem. The session will further explore the different rounds of VC Funding in India; when to raise and how much to raise? The speakers will also share their experience on preparation and presentation of pitch decks and investor identification. They will reveal key strategies for raising investment and options for structuring. Concepts on dilution, valuation and tax implications will also be explored.

Session 2

Sep 20, 2018

5:30PM to 8:30PM (followed by Networking/Supper Refreshments)

Legal Contracts & Intellectual Property - A guided tour of the Legal maze.

The session will give you a legal roadmap for your idea to become a legally recognised and protected entity. The importance of contracts and the fundamental rules of company incorporation, founders agreement, employee agreement, shareholders agreement and memorandum of understanding will be discussed. The session will also address the need to protect your Intellectual Property and the various legal instruments available in the Indian and worldwide context. The differences forms of protection and enforceability of Trademark, Copyright and Patent laws in India and abroad (WIPO) will be explored in detail.

Session 3

Oct 25, 2018

5:30PM to 8:30PM (followed by Networking/Supper Refreshments)

Cross-Border Business Setup - A structured evaluation with potential challenges.

The session will be an explorative guide into the reasons companies are looking to go abroad from India. The potential options (countries) available for Indian Companies and the legal / tax repercussions of setting up a company abroad, will be discussed. Evaluating the decision to move and a case study of laws in some countries like Singapore and United Arab Emirates will be further analysed.

Your Key Takeaways - Are you asking yourself any of this?

  • An introduction to funding through various instruments and its various stage.
  • Analysing the pattern of Venture Capital funding and its effects on your business.
  • Best practices in creating your pitch deck and how to evaluate an investor.
  • Strategy for investment raising, covering how much to raise, when to raise?
  • Options for structuring and tax implications.
  • Understanding the concepts and implications of dilution and valuation.
  • Understanding the relevance of protection of Intellectual property for your company.
  • Importance of contracts and basics of legal system in India.
  • Exploring reasons why a company might want to set up in another country.
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of setting up business in a foreign country based on current regulations in India.
  • Enforceability of Trademark, Copyright and Patent protection in India and Abroad (WIPO).
  • The legal / tax repercussions of setting up a company abroad.
  • Understand what the impact of achieving product market fit can be and case studies of business that succeeded / failed on the back of this.
  • Understand the basics of a product-market fit, when you need to achieve it and more importantly, implications of not achieving it.
  • Case studies highlighting valuation engineering.
  • Introduction on different types of exits available for a company.
  • Exploring the different methods and important metrics for maximising Enterprise Valuation.
  • A comprehensive guide for evaluating IPO options for your business and potential stumbling blocks in the process.
  • The MMA & HALBE Workshop series will equip the delegates with an in-depth understanding of the above.

Who Should Attend?

"Startup and SME CEOS, Founders, Heads, Senior and Middle Managers, academicians and individuals looking to understand the current Startup market and fast track their growth in an ever growing Startup climate. Enterpreneurs looking to develop their pipeline of growth at all levels of their Company which can help translate their vision and strategies into execution. "


"This session will be covered by experts in the field through presentations, interactive sessions, case studies and lively discussions followed by Q&A"

Distinguished Workshop Facilitators Invited

Workshop 1:

VC Funding into Startups

Arun Prasad Durairaj,

CEO & Co-Founder,

Flinto Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Workshop 2:

Legal Topic - IP & Other Topics

Savitha Jagadeesan,

Senior Partner,

Kochhar & Co

Navarre Roy,

Senior Associate,

Anand & Anand

Workshop 3:

Cross border Business Setup

Aathitiyan V S,



Chirag V


VCMV & Associates

Workshop 4:

Enterprise Evaluation & IPO




Madesh Laxman,

Managing Director,

Bhadra Paper

Workshop 5:

Product Market Fit

Nishanth Chandran,





Jaydeep Halbe,



Nimisha sara philip,

Legal Head / AVP,